Grow Easily in Nature

Let design and nature take care of your plants!

Alphapot is made from food waste for sustainable lifestyles and makes growing everything easy with its self-watering system. 

100% organic and biodegradable, bringing green into your every day!

Grow from Food Waste


Modular Design

Give waste a new life!

Alphapot repurposes food waste to grow new life. 100% biodegradable, taken from nature and returned to nature!


Turn your thumb green!

Alphapot holds water in a corner reservoir of the pot, feeding the plant only when the soil draws from it through a wick that reaches both sides. Let nature do its job!


Create your green oasis!

Alphapot’s modular design allows you to put together a personal garden that fits your space. The more the merrier.

Let's Create

A Greener Future!

Grow in nature with Alphapot -

Designed for nature and decays to nature.

Reduce food waste in a more beautiful way!

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