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About Bionicraft

Bionicraft is a BioLab/R&D/Design studio, gathering biologist, designer and architect.

We are dedicated to biological and environmental research, conservation and innovation.

And we continue to challenge, redefine and explore the possibilities of design thinking for more than human worlds.


Through biology observation and experiment, we applied biological technologies in designing bionic products, developing eco integrated system solutions and environmental spatial design.

Recently focus on innovative solutions of food waste upcycling - Reduce,  Reuse,  Up-cycle!

Bionicraft 是一個生物實驗室、研發/設計公司,結合了生物學家、產品設計師以及建築設計師。




近期聚焦於創新廚餘轉化處理 - 減量、轉化、循環利用。

Our Team

Chen-Hsiang Chaopartner/chief designer

Kai Wen Yang : partner/mascot

Karine Feng : partner/biologist

Ssu Hua Yu : partner/landscape architect

YenTzu Fang : advisor/biologist

Chen-Wei Chao : adviser/designer

Bjorn Schlingmann : advisor/design engineer

Elin Ahlstrand : intern/biologist

Camille Robert : intern/designer

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