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Alphapot Set

We love nature, but realized that when trying to bring nature into our modern homes, they were grown in unnatural environments, with pots made from plastic and other synthetic materials. We wanted a pot for our plants that allowed them to Grow Easily in Nature, so Alphapot was born!

Made from food waste to grow nature, Alphapot is 100% biodegradable, 100% Food Waste Fiber+ Vege Starch + Emulsion, 0% plastic(PP,PET...) 0% bio-plastic(PLA), helping to reduce and repurpose food waste in a more beautiful way.

Alphapot is designed with a round base to hold a plant from a standard 4 inch pot, and the square opening feature allows for pots to be interconnected. The engravings around the base area of the pot enables Alphapot to decompose back into nature more efficiently.



不產生廢棄物的同時更減少了廚餘垃圾。Alphapot盆栽是我們重新定義廚餘、並將其轉化為創新材料的第一步,加上獨特的設計,提供植物生長最好的環境! Alphapot盆栽採用圓形底座設計,方便直接把3-4吋植物放入種植,方形的開口設計讓每個Alphapot可以相互組合。底部側邊的刻線減少壁厚,讓Alphapot能夠更有效地分解回歸大自然。

| Dimensions: Diameter 3"(8cm), Height 4"(10cm)
| Content: Alphapot x 2, String x 2

Alphapot Set

$35.00 Regular Price
$25.00Sale Price
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