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Biovessel is an indoor ecosystem that is inspired by nature and designed to deal with your waste, it brings nature into your urban home and redefines your waste by turning it into nutrients that feeds new life! 

Biovessel  是一個不需插電使用的居家廚餘處理器、植物孵育器,更是一個有機食物循環的驅動器。經過 15,000+ 小時的觀察,Bionicraft歸納了食物在自然環境中分解的條件與數值,並透過演算法打造了 Biovessel 。

透過 Biovessel,你可以輕鬆回收每日的蔬果廚餘、讓自然生成的肥料成為新植栽的養份,在都會環境裡——你的居家空間裡,打造一個剩食重生為食物的有機循環,為你的都會生活帶來一畝綠意。

Why are we doing this?

Now we want to reverse this vicious cycle and give new life to your waste.

Yes, pun intended.

Designed by Nature

The form of Biovessel has not been deliberately designed for aesthetic appeal, neither is it another machine created to deal with the waste that humans have created, instead, we let nature decide.


Biovessel has been created from the data collected and compiled from 20+ months of biological research, experiments, and observation on the process of food waste decomposition.

The information documented from these observations and experiments were then translated into quantitative data.

By putting the data into a specially developed algorithm, Biovessel was born based on parametric, ergonomics, etc.

Being defined and designed by nature, the ecosystem that Biovessel creates is most suitable for its inhabitants and is one that is most effective and most convenient for its users.

Top Caps

The size of the top caps and the exact spots that they are positioned at are decided according to their relative functions. The ventilation holes on the top caps imitate the patterns of sunflower seed spirals, using the golden ratio and air permeability as parameters, we achieve the most optimal state for the internal environment.

Cork Wood Lid

The most suitable position and density for the openings on the cork wood lid is determined by the analysis of aerodynamic parameters.

Vessel Form

Data from parameters such as experiments, biological behaviour, and other factors from manufacturing process are integrated to create the form of the vessel. The end result of Biovessel is a form that fits the biological decomposition process and efficiency within the vessel to the largest extent.

Essential Elements to build the Biovessel ecosystem

What to feed BIOVESSEL

A mix of approximately 7 Liters of humus and sawdust soil, containing 500–600g of composting worms is required to activate Biovessel.

The Biovessel Starter Kit:

Vessel x1

Inner Structure - Regulator x1

Cork Wood Lid x1

Top Caps x3

Bottom Cap x1

Food Waste Container x1

Moisture/Light/pH level Probe x1

Fertilizer Scoop x1

Sprayer x1

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Biovessel Manual

Biovessel 使用說明書



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