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WWF Extinction Museum

The main concept of the proposal is to avoid constructing fixed structures in the volcanic area and to keep the unique yet fragile natural habitats undisturbed. A circular cable car system will be created hanging over the volcano. The museum programs will be housed in the two cable car “Portals”, they will be lightly constructed at the edge of the volcano, one at North East, and another at South West. The journey begins at the Portal NE, visitors gathered and are introduced to the facility, they will visit the exhibition and join the events held at the auditorium. On the platform, visitors will onboard the shuttle and begin this transcendent adventure. The shuttle slowly carries the visitors to the hill at the centre of the volcano, where they will exit the shuttle and start experiencing the mixed reality trail. Once the visitors finish the trail, the shuttle will then carry them to the Portal SW, where visitors can rest, dine and shop at the museum stores. Lastly, the shuttle will carry the visitors back to the Portal NE, back to reality, with haunting yet inspiring memories in their minds, the circle of life.

The Portals are marked by two horizons - the volcano in the front and the cities in the background, the layout is set to open up in the front as platform and stretch to surrounded in the background.

Portal NE

The Portal NE consists of the entrance lobby, exhibition area, and the shuttle platform on the ground floor. On the below floor lays another exhibition area, along with the turned volume facing the volcano housing the auditorium.

Portal SW

The Portal SW consists of the museum shops and the cafe opens up to both the volcano and the city on the ground floor. Classrooms and offices are set on the below floor.

The Circular Shuttle

The design of the shuttle is inspired by dinosaur skeletons. The integral structure will be 3D-printed from actual bone materials. The panorama design provides visitors with an immersive experience throughout the ride. 

The Transcendence Adventure

The trail is an adventure mixing stunning nature with transcendence reality.
No physical structure will be needed to install. With the devices visitors carry, the once extinction creatures will be reappear in the volcano.
By interacting with those loss creatures, the adventure reminds us how fragile we are in the mother nature.

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