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Symbiotic Rhapsody

Invited by Audi Taiwan this year to propose the “Mobile Showroom for the Future”
Our design proposal “Symbiotic Rhapsody” has won the competition and is expected to be built 2022.

​"Symbiotic Rhapsody" imagines a futuristic mobile showroom for Audi towards a sustainable future.

It is inspired by 3 Taiwanese local species: Lilium, Moss and Dragonfly. 
We are imagining a futuristic creature, it is monitoring and responding to the environment, it is adapting to the changeable Audi events, it is immersed with future AI AR/VR technologies, and most importantly, it is restoring nature. We believe "The Sustainable Future Of Mobility Is To Actively Restore Nature"

It is a changeable, deformable spatial carrier based on Audi’s signature hexagon structure, to fit different Audi events. Each unit can be folded into a typical 20” container, transporting and nomading to anywhere in Taiwan or around the world. The Moss system we created can purify the air wherever and whenever it goes, to actively restore nature.

「共生的狂想」想像了一個科幻的Audi行動展間,邁向永續的未來,獲得了Audi創新獎2021 競圖首獎,並預計將會於2022年打造出來。



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