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LAGI Mannheim - Beautiful Forms of Energy

The area of the Spinelli Barracks in Mannheim is located in the middle of the city, a green open space responding to the urban context, which provides important urban climatic and bioclimatic functions, the “fresh air green corridor” for the city.

The proposal consists of a resilient environmental design and the dynamic climatic devices. The parametric pattern in the landscape is generated by the climatic analysis of the site, the gradient multi-size round areas are elements such as grass, local plants, or water retained ponds, those landscape elements are surrounded by a series of dynamic climatic devices. The responsive environmental mechanism not only resonates with the surrounding environments but also actively enhances the natural condition.


Planktonic Synergy is creating a series of dynamic climatic devices throughout the landscape, they are responding to weather-changing conditions, and the devices store and release fresh air dynamically to create a beneficial microclimate. The parameter of this dynamic mechanism consists of the amount, velocity, and temperature of the air, thus becoming an active equalizer to the micro-climate.

The floating structure is acting as an indicator to the device, it is around 10-20m in height, made from ETFE and inflated with Helium, it is held by wire cables, attached to the ground. Beneath the structure sits the wind turbine outlet uplifted from the ground. The floating structure stays low when the device is sucking air and rises to the sky when the compressed air is released from the wind turbine beneath.

The release of fresh air generates power and lights up the LED disks attached to the wire cables, creating not only a futuristic yet poetic spatial experience but also an interacting space for visitors to engage with and enjoy the beautiful nature.

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