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Hong Kong Drone Port

“This seed could become a town or a shuttle or a great ship like Chkahichdahk. In fact, my seed would begin as a town and eventually leave Earth as a great ship. It would never be a shuttle, though it would be the parent to shuttles.”


- Octavia Butler, Xenogenesis III: Imago, 1987


Urban Heat Island

Hong Kong is a high-density megacity in the hot and humid subtropics. Urban Heat Island (UHI) occurs in the populated area with higher temperature than surrounding rural areas. UHI mostly happened under weak wind and clear sky conditions, and recent studies on UHI are consequently linked with atmospheric stability.


A Mother Ship

The project is proposing several mega scale drone bases (mother ships) hovering above Hong Kong, carrying transporting drones that operate independently from the mother ship. The mother ships transform the future urban mobility from a flat/grid system, into a nomadic three-dimensional autonomous system.


An Urban Air Equalizer

The project will act as an urban air equalizer as the mega propeller thrust bring the higher altitude cool/clean air from higher atmosphere to the ground. The project will move around in Hong Kong according to traffic and climatic needs.

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