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CKS Memorial Park Competition

Spatial-Temporal of Awe and Nature Longing for Memories

At this moment, the lake surrounded by mountains was a tranquil, swampy place. Then a sudden loud bang echoes the environment, the lake broke up the levees. It was around 160 thousand years ago in northern Taiwan. Water flowed to the sea and created the Tamsui river course. Taipei Basin is then formed, becoming a floodplain till this day.


Facing the difficult yet inspiring future, we cannot forget our past. To recall history, we should not trace back only the history of humans, we should remember the far and long environmental history of this land.


The site will be restored to its native biodiversity habitat, the dismantling of man-made decorations will be a passive creation, and the submergence of the underground structure will be an active disappearance. The pristine land will be rebirth, rich microclimates will be created to assist nature to grow.


It is not a road to destruction but an ecological creation. A series of environmental pre-sensing systems will be set up to help provide Taipei Basin with the ability of resilience and adaptation responding to climate change. Therefore, the place with Taipei City will dream of the environment of the past, and foresee a future where we can co-exist with nature under a vast environmental scale.


Once we regain the awe in the natural environment of this free land, forgotten past will be remembered, the knowledge that has not been learned will not be forgotten, and the authoritarian can then be introspected. Hence we can confidently yet humbly look forward to a future in which all creatures share equality and freedom.









當我們重拾對自然環境以及對這片土地的敬畏,威權才能被反省、過去也會被記起。                如此,我們將可以自信並且謙卑地展望萬物平等與自由的未來。

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