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You know all of those food scraps that are leftover while preparing food ingredients in the process of cooking? BIOVESSEL is a solution to all of this food waste that you’ve created and would normally throw into the garbage bin. Now all you need to do is place your raw food waste into a different disposal place.


BIOVESSEL is an indoor ecosystem that is inspired by nature and designed to deal with your waste, it brings nature into your urban home and redefines your waste by turning it into nutrients that feeds new life! 



Mother nature has its own way of dealing with organic waste. In the natural environment, soil, earthworms, water, and light work together to decompose organic matter gradually over time.  

The earthworms are a vital part of this ecosystem as they consume and break down organic matter into smaller pieces and are also responsible for mixing soil layers, allowing the nutrients to be dispersed through the soil and becoming available to bacteria and fungi, which aid to accelerate decomposition.  

BIOVESSEL brings this natural ecosystem into your home and redefines your food waste as it becomes nutrients that continues to nourish new life.

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