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Audi Charging Station - Synergy Blossom

The sustainable spatial design is inspired by nature, an environmentally organic organism that evolves from the land.

Drawing inspiration from three common organisms in Taiwan—the mountain lily, the common banyan tree found in the wild, and Taiwan's ferns—each represents the concept of form, structure, and function, respectively. The sustainability of its design is concretely manifested in several key aspects: Modularity, Structural Efficiency, Material Efficiency, Energy Self-Sufficiency, and Active Environmental Restoration/Air Purification.

Its posture resembles the blooming of a lily from the soil, combining the elegance, simplicity, and avant-garde form representative of Audi's automotive design. It is a futuristic and environmentally ecological spatial installation, envisioning a future of sustainable mobility and coexistence with the environment.

During the day, E-Tron owners can enjoy a moment of quiet shade under the bright sun, while at night, it feels like entering the sanctuary of E-Tron, surrounded by a halo of light.

With a full charge, we drive towards a sustainable future of swift and electrifying mobility.







Audi e-tron 車主來這裡充電的同時,會在白天艷陽高照下享受片刻的寧靜庇蔭,晚上則宛如駛入了e-tron聖殿,被光環圍繞。


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